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Forget T-shirts and shorts- if you are walking for any length of time you will get badly sun burnt even with the suncream on. Bring a hat with a brim or better get the guide to show you how to wear a Bedouin style scarf- easily bought at any oasis. Long quick-dry type trousers are best, baggy and lightweight. The kind with zip off shorts can be opened to let in the breeze rather than zipped completely off. On a really hot day a baggy man-made fibre shirt is best. On ordinary days a wickaway or conventional vest will keep you cooler longer. Baggy cotton and linen shirts are also fine if they are not too heavyIn the evening it can get really cold by comparison. Bring a fleece and a windproof jacket of some kind, or a sweater and maybe a down jacket. Longjohns are not a bad idea too.

Bring boots or, better, Teva type sandals as long as they comfortable. Trainers are not so good. 


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