Bedouin Travel Tips

If you carry water bottle wrap it in a cloth and wet the cloth every so often. Do this in the early morning when the water is still very cold and it will remain cold in the heat of the day.

Instead of tying complex knots simply untwist the strands of the rope and past the end through making a loop. You can add a stop knot if you like. Standyour kettle in front of the fire so that the wind blows the flames all round the kettles sides as well as the bottom.

Wind can be strong at night and a flapping tent can be annoying- or even blow down. The Bedouin use the saddles and jerry cans to build a kind of enclosure about knee height or maybe a little more. When you lie down behind it you are completely out of the wind.Always make some kind of reassuring noise when you are around camels. It doesn’t matter if its humming, clicking or quiet singing or whispering- the reassurance is the thing.


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