Templates of Desert Tours 7 - Day Tour Whale Valley & Beyond

Important Note: These tours are examples and for information purposes only. Broadly similar tours are available but individual operators will amend and tailor them to suit conditions and demand.

This incredible value tour takes in three of the ‘must see’ sights of the Egyptian Desert- Whale Valley, Jara Caves and the White Desert. Leaving Cairo early you arrive at Wadi Rayyan where it is possible to view both the giant Lake of Qarun and the smaller lakes of Rayyan. Whale Valley is a short drive further on and you will be able to admire the exposed gigantic remains of fossilized and long extinct whales. From there you cross the world’s longest single dune system, the mysterious Abo Moharik dune. This takes you to the huge stalactitic Jara caves, which inside is big enough to fit several buses! You cross now to the jewel of the Egyptian wilderness- the White Desert- a strange and wonderful landscape of chalky buttes and inselbergs replete with beautiful soft sand and marvelous wind carved boulders. You may also visit from here Farafra Oasis, famous for its hot springs. From here it is a day’s drive back to Cairo via Bahariya Oasis where you might care to stop and view the illustrious Golden Mummies discovered in 1999.


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