Templates of Desert Tours 8 - DaY Tour 8 - DaY Tour Qattara Depression and the North Coast

Important Note: These tours are examples and for information purposes only. Broadly similar tours are available but individual operators will amend and tailor them to suit conditions and demand.

Follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and visit Siwa by traveling through the fascinating wilderness of the Northern Coast. You start from the town named after its founder, Alexandria and motor south into the Qattara Depression, the lowest point in Egypt, a vivid and extraordinary landscape of shifting sands and rare plants, scene of the famous movie Ice Cold in Alex. Your first stop is El Mogra, a salt water lake surrounded by five fresh water wells. It is 34meters below sea level and a place of Jurassic fossil
remains. From here you traverse the depression to the tiny oasis settlement of Qara. Then it is time to go south to Siwa, the most remote Oasis in Egypt and the most culturally diverse with its mix of Berber, Bedouin and Egyptian cultures. Here you may care to consult the oracle just as Alexander did in 332BC.

North from Siwa lies Marsa Matruh, a delightful sea resort and home to the cave complex used by the German General Rommel to mastermind his attacks on the British and Australian forces at El Alamein. Which is your next destination- a unique historical experience with a military museum and cemeteries
dating from WW2. It is only a few hours’drive back to the fascinating city of Alexandria.


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