A sensory experience

Playing the 18-hole Championship Course, augmented since its opening in 1999 by an executive course, is a sensory experience. Not only does the course excite your sense of smell with the different fragrances of its flowers and trees, but it also harbours many visual delights. For their scenic glory, choose between the downhill, par-4 8th, with a spectacular view from the back tee, or the exquisite par-3 12th, a beauty with bite on which the green is edged on one side by a stone wall dripping with plants and on the other by a lake, as the signature hole for the course. But if it’s the challenge presented by a hole which merits the honour, look no further thanthe fiendish par-4 18th, its green perched imperiously on top of a steep slope which collects half-hearted approach shots and deposits them in a rock-lined stream at its base.


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